Colors of Joy - Holi!

Colors of Joy

With the onset of Spring comes the festival of Holi which we look forward to break free and enjoy with colors, sumptuous food, surprise gifts and of course pranks. This festival of colors with its mythological significance has evolved to a festival to align with the modern times adding new essence yet not losing the old charm. In a diverse country that India is, the festivities are also unique in different regions with interesting legends and traditional history rooted to their culture. When it’s a festival approaching, clothes for the occasion is also what enters our thoughts. Trying out the various looks could be fun in this vibrant festival.

If you are in for some time travel to the era of Lord Krishna playing holi with Radha and the gopis, this could be right for you.

Somewhere in the time tide now, if you want to engross yourself in the funny, peppy and prankster avatar, try something like this.

Looking for a tint of western in desi attire? How about this :

Don’t we all love the good old Holi attire?

A family get-together after the day’s festivities? Have a look!

Can never have enough of Jeans and T shirt? Holi fits in that too. The old blue jeans and a white t shirt with it.

These kaleidoscopic days of fun and frolic give you an opportunity to experiment with your look. Be creative, be unique, be fashionable and chant Holi Hai!