Power Personalities

We all know that ‘one’ student in the class, colleague in the office or that distant relative, who seems to be gliding on the road of success. There is something about them, that you cannot miss them in the crowd. They walk in with such ease that you wonder what is about them that make you notice them? Answer may vary from designer wear to flamboyant haircut or just random something.

But wait, it is way beyond that, let me break the myth for you. For generations we have been talking about ‘Power Dressing’ but it is about being a ‘Power Personality’ rather than just dressing.  So read on to know what does it take to make a ‘Power Personality’ 

1. Confidence

There is no alternative to it. You have to embrace yourself. Size 0 or Size 15, you need to celebrate yourself. As Deepika Padukone puts it “ You are the Universe; infinite in every direction.” Keep your insecurities at bay.

 2. Smile
A smile is a must wear accessory. It cannot be avoided in any circumstances. In reality, the shit reaches the fan but venturing out with #ShitFaceAlert (SFA) will make the things tougher. In those moments, take a minute, give yourself that hug and wear your contagious smile.

3. Colors
When the going is tough, let bright colors come to your rescue. It takes a little effort in the morning but trust me you will be thanking yourselves by the end of the day. Bright colors do rub off their exuberance on you, which helps you to make the power personality impact.

4. Personal Grooming
Unkempt you just add to the distress. It is very important to be up to date with your salon appointments. Don’t let your laziness take these personal grooming time outs a back seat. You deserve them; in fact you have earned them, under any circumstances.

5. Clothing
Crisp dressing is the final nail in the coffin. It goes the long way in making that power personality impact. Crisp dressing happens when you wear clothes, which complement your body type. And as they say “Dress for the job you want, rather than the one you have”.

May the ‘power’ be with you !


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