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Kutch work embroidery is one of many varied handicraft forms 
Kutch work embroidery ( Kachchhi embroidery) is one of the most easily identifiable styles of embroidery from Gujarat and a well patronized handicraft textile in India. Deriving its name from its places of origin, the Kutch and Saurashtra regions of Gujarat, Kutch embroidery is characterized by the use of vibrant colors, mirrors and beads and intricate and extensive needlework that embellishes the entire fabric on which it is based.
Usually done on cotton or silk fabric, Kutch work embroidery involves the use of silk or woollen thread in fine stitches to create elaborate patterns, and draws its inspiration from romantic, architectural and human motifs, as well as Persian and Mughal arts. The colors used are mainly green, indigo, deep red, black, yellow and ivory. The embroidery is also distinctive in its use of mirrors and beads, placed strategically in between patterns. A popular and recognized example of Kutch embroidery is the ghagra choli  of Gujarat.
This time we have got for you a lovely collection of handpicked  , Kutch clutches , they are so vibrant that you can team it up with western on Indian ethnic wear .
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