The splendid history of India has affected every aspect of Indian lifestyle. Such is the beauty and glamour of Indian jewelry that it remained an integral part of Indian style statement. Be it gold, silver, stones, gems, or antiques, Indian jewelry with its intricate designs, cultural imprints and stylish varieties is something which can definitely complement your attire or can be given as a gift to someone you love, admire or respect. We bring to you a look into time capsule on some of the popular jewelry patterns in India, which symbolizes the Indian belief in harmony, nature and heritage.


Do you fancy a time travel? Then get yourself few of this jewelry which justifies the saying that Old is Gold! This kind of jewelry has a dull and rough look, combined with an old world charm, it adds an essence of regalia to one’s personality.


This art work involves beads which can be dated back to the era of Indus Valley Civilization, one of the oldest civilizations, during which people made beads out of materials like gold, silver, ivory, copper, clay etc. The bead jewelry has evolved over time to make ways for several modern day materials, wood, alloys, metals and plastics. Wear it as you wish - these are peppy, these are trendy, these are elegant!!


This delicate art work are silver made with details in form of tiny beads and twisted threads. India's history of filigree work goes back to early centuries, when India became central to trade routes over sea, primarily demonstrating unity in diversity. This is a true symbol which celebrates cultural diversities, the pride so why not recreate a new look with this slowly dying art of metalwork?


Gold ornaments are an integral part of Indian culture, aren't they? Auspicious occasion or just a daily wear, gold can be adorned in an extravagant as well as subtle way. We know, you certainly agree.


Fine craftsmanship blended with impressive creativity is what the handmade jewelry segment all about. We can read your thoughts, want to create your own range of jewelry?


If you want to embark on a journey from history, a walk down the Mughal era is what you would wish for. Just grab a few of the glittering kundan work jewelry such as bangles, earrings, and necklace will make others envious of your royal look for sure.


Lac is nothing but extract of plants, over the time resigns accumulate and solidify over wild trees. Lac jewelry is available in multifaceted designs, which add to its beauty. Lac bangles are what have gained popularity to a great extent.


In this form the precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, opal, and emeralds are set and then enameled with gold to make the meenakari jewelry. It traditionally comprises pattern of birds and animals on a floral background in light blue, green, yellow and red.


In the fashion world, it’s all about evolution of old forms into something new .Uncut semi-precious stones and glass work are significant products used in making of pachchikam jewelry and the workmanship involves a very laborious process, which is time consuming and tedious. Want to try this for a change?


When we talk about gold jewelry, can we leave silver jewelry unnoticed? Ornaments made of silver, such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, toe rings, heavy kadas i.e. bangles, and armlets, form integral part of Indian jewelry.


This art work is made of different gemstones embedded in metals, the basis lie in the significance of cosmic energy, the planets and the universe in one’s life. We heard you wear a lucky stone ring .Don’t you?


With very unique style created from bone, wood, clay, shells and crude metal, the tribal jewelry are not only beautiful but also have touch of magical mystified aura.

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Stay fashionable!!


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