A Needle and A Thread!

A song composed by VincaRosa fan, Satyam Anand!!

Often we seem to learn more from observing the lives we live in and out in this world full of surprises at every corner. It’s amazing how few who are made of iron will, the keeper of arts and culture, dwells in creative expression through their crafts and it's frightening how they still fight hard to be relevant under the same sun in this DNA age. I think the band members of Red Hot Chili Peppers felt something similar what I felt a week ago, before penning down the famous song “Californication”.

VincaRosa, a needle and a thread jam session !!

As part of the VincaRosa initiative, I met few craftsmen who produce beautiful handmade Indian attires and paintings with such a fine details ranging storytelling, depicting heritage, picking natural colors, building texture and imbibing variety of expressions in their craftsmanship. The past weekend, VincaRosa organized a community jam with such modest but creative people, who believe in the perpetuity of the threads and needles, the sound of clamps and the smell of local tea, wasn't any less than a rock concert.

VincaRosa, craftsmen jam session!

The elderly sounded more like Mr. Spock from famous English TV series “STAR TREK” talking about the singularity, humans and Vulcans (for e.g. Vulcans are extraordinary beings devoid of human emotions). Those who haven't followed Mr. Spock from memoirs of USS Enterprises adventure of space, he delivered dialogues more like Jackie Chen did as Kung Fu Master from “THE KARATE KID”.

During the conversation, one of the elders of the craftsmen community spoke about the love, trust and respect between a thread and a needle, how it amalgamates with the creativity of craftsmen and how it produces work of art, everything which works like a happy family contrary to popular belief in the nuclear thinking prevalent these days. I guess it’s being part and parcel of creative living than normal living. It was the elderly craftsmen who inspired me to write this post after he told us a simple story of a thread and needle in which both asked each other a question to find out who is more important for a craftsmen, which goes like this.

Thread: Would you cry if I ever leave you?

Needle: Would you make up with me if I ever hurt you?
Thread: I just can’t live without you.
Needle: I just can’t live without you.

VincaRosa, craftsmen jam session!

Everyone just takes care of other just like in a family, follows each other on a creative journey and the magic just happens. I guess it's the process, the journey which can't be explained in words or pictures, it has to be seen, it has to be felt, it has to be commended. 

On a slightly creative note, i think there couldn't have been a better way to summarize the crux of the conversation than by a song composed by VincaRosa fan, Satyam Anand. I will send this version of the song to our creative artists who not only love being creative every second but also live by it every hour.


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