Types Of Bags Every Woman Should Own

Handbags are an important part of a woman's attire.An appropriate bag can make you look elegant and add to your personality.Nowadays there are different types of bags for various occasions like a bag for evening , something for weekend or may be a bag for you to look professional . So lets have a look at must have bags in your closet to make you look stylish.

Bag#2.Everyday Bag
This is the first must have in our collection " The Everyday Bag" . It is something you will take to work , running errands and everything else.It's the most used bag so make sure you select a colour which will go with most of your outfits mainly some solid or neutral color.

Bag#2.Crossbody Bag/Sling Bag

A Crossbody bag is a must have because of its wearable and comfortable and more importantly hands free, an ideal for the girl on-the-go especially for weekends or on off-duty events.It can be used when you don't have to carry lot of stuff .

The Weekender is an oversize bag which can be used not only for your trips but also something which you can use as a gym bag or where in you have to carry a lot of stuff , something with straps which can be worn over shoulders

Clutches are again a must haves .Its the most versatile of bags. You can use it a night out a party or even at a day event. Clutches comes in so many shapes and sizes so find the right one as per your personality and choice.

Bag#5.Top Handle Bag

Top handle bags makes you look professional so make sure you have one.