India has witnessed the evolution of several rock bands since 80s, each of them with something different to offer. Here’s a pick of some bands that have been successful not only in their music but also in creating an arena for exploring fusion attire with a hue of unconventional touch. 
  •  The enchanting compositions of Dhoom pichak and Maeeri captivated our hearts. Also, the style of this band with a desi feel did not go unnoticed. Euphoria- is a state of mind, so is the style they portray. A simple yet unique blend of Indian and Western influence defines their music and the journey to reach the confluence of the both is what their fashion style is all about
  • Considered to be the pioneers of fusion rock music in India, Indian Ocean’s music is a perfect mingling of different elements like shlokas, Sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution. Simplicity meets creativity in their dressing sense. A little casual with some accessories to complement. Aren’t they like Indian Ocean personified?
  • Just like the meaning of the name of their band- Parikrama , with their music, extend to the audience a feeling of orbital revolutions. Such is the magic of their compositions   created by the merging of classical Indian instruments with conventional instruments that they leave the listeners enthralled. From extremely low toned to casual to flashy, we have seen them and liked them in every way they presented themselves.
  • Incorporating classical Indian instruments and traditional lyrics into their songs to add nuances of folk and Sufi elements, Kailasa has entertained their fans with their distinct style of music. Their compositions are inspired from Fusion of love, worship and persuasion, so is their appearance it seems!

  • With deeply rooted Indian sound, Agnee lives up to its name to perform like live wire! They bring in pop, they bring in rock, as well as classical and Hindustani into their compositions .A delight to listen to, a delight to watch ,any day, any time .

    Do comment and let us know, which your favorite bands are and which look of the musicians you like the most.  
    Your thoughts, our inspirations.
    Stay fashionable you!      


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