"Style is a way to say without having to speak !!"

Music is an inspiration, fashion is about exuding elegance.Entwining of notes is like the blend of colors, texture, pattern with the creative string attached. I am a music enthusiast, in search of soul stirring compositions. 

I represent my thoughts and imagination through my music, and my earthy self is what people see me as. My music, is a part of my presentation as an artist. My profession and my style are in perfect harmony. Be it  my faded jeans with a picasso t-shirt, a traditional kurta, or a casual pant with a bling shirt. 

What I feel, is what I wear when I go up on the stage. Just the way chords coalesce to construct a beautiful music piece, the attire and accessories I dress up with, interweave to complement my creative work. 

I have discovered my identity to connect well  with my audience through  a shade of ethnic, a sprinkle of simplicity, and a touch of uniqueness to make me different yet acceptable by my friends, followers, and finders!!


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